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We are pleased to introduce our company Tokarski sp. j., one of Poland's leading manufacturers of plastic packaging. We offer more than 38 different assortments of packaging film, including such as: bags with print, plastic bags, Printed film, opakowania foliowe produktów spożywczych, industrial, hygiene, garbage bags and other.

The manufacturer of plastic packaging, company „Tokarski i spółka”, exists on the market since 1977 r. For many years, was one of two companies, existing in the private sector, producing films of polyethylene.

Confirmation efforts packaging manufacturer with significant market power, It was the implementation in the years 2001/2002 ISO system 9002, and in 2002 obtaining ISO certification 9002. Today the company's core business is the production of a wide range of containers of PE and PP. Leading manufacturer of a range of packaging films for bread and milk and dairy products, Printed film, plastic bags, bags.

Wrapping, plastic bags, folie i torby dla przemysłu, handlu i usług

Currently, the company Tokarski sp. j. is a leading manufacturer of packaging foil and supplier self-closing plastic bags after filling for the dairy industry. A large part of our production consists of wrapping food, plastic bags for packing bread, Freezer, Perforated plastic packaging for vegetables and fruits. The manufacturer of plastic packaging also offers a film with print, both bags with flexographic printing, and prepared for printing by screen printing. The company is a major supplier of sanitary bags for packaging warehouse, utilities and hotels.

Nadruk fleksograficzny (flexo) – Printed film

To maintain a high position in the packaging market and continue to expand the circle of our customers, we strive to continually increase our product range and upgrade machinery. Recently, we introduced a new branch of products from polypropylene, Flexographic printing capabilities extension and started production of the multilayer film. Do not forget about the financial aspect of running a business. So we are trying to manage your business, to ensure it profit, without neglecting its continuous development and quality of products, because we want to respect the long-term success and maintaining a leading position in packaging film.

Our motto is fast, professional and friendly service. Inviting you to cooperate, we would like to assure you of the possibility of determining the specific prices for products produced by us, depending on the amount and payment.

Producent opakowań foliowych i worków foliowych zaprasza do współpracy

Thanking you for your interest, we invite you to read and cooperation with our company. We hope, that as many of our clients, You also benefit from being able to access a variety of technologies and comprehensive care of our staff.

We offer a meeting at our office at ul. Tatrzańskiej 5 w Rumii or in your company at a mutually agreed date.

Foil packaging manufacturer – historia

Company TOKARSKI i SPÓŁKA founded 1977 r. Pan Stanisław Tokarski. It was a small factory which produced bags "famous" cytrynady and plastic sleeves. The flagship product were then the packaging for beverages and salty sticks and thin plastic sleeves.

The economic situation in Poland, the 80s was not motivated by the owners to expand the range of products. The company's development followed so the increase in production capacity. The transitional period between the centrally controlled and free-market characterized by market instability and uncertainty of tomorrow.

High profitability of companies allowed the expansion of the machine park by successive infra red and semi-automatic welding extruders. Along with the economic changes in the country also changed the company Mr. Stanisław. In the 90s the plant was expanded and began working with Swedish partners. It is from Sweden brought new machines, which made it possible to significantly expand its product range and ensure a better quality of.

Making contact with the Swedish-based company with a similar production profile, was a turning point in the history of the company. This cooperation resulted in a broader and more forward-looking perspective on business development opportunities.

Na początku lat 90-tych producent opakowań foliowych zakupił w Szwecji bardziej specjalistyczny sprzęt produkcyjny. These investments enabled the company to increase the range of our products with plastic packaging with print, bags, wide transparencies, and other. This resulted in a widening circle of potential buyers. The expansion and continuous modernization of machinery and the significant increase in the number of customers allowed us to achieve in the late 90's high and stable position on the domestic market for plastic packaging.

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Self-closing plastic bags
after filling the milk and milk products: cream, buttermilk and kefir.
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We provide high-quality flexographic printing (of 6 colors) on our products foil, and material entrusted.
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